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It's all about poop!

For the month of July, BMMRO focused on collecting feces from free-swimming beaked and sperm whales. The feces will be tested for reproductive and stress hormones.

BMMRO is collaborating with the infamous Right whale research team from the New England Aquarium who have been using dogs to help sniff out Right whale feces. For our whales, we found the animals visually and then towed in the water behind them, waiting for them to poop!
Read all about it on the aquarium's blog.

July was also our whale camp internship month, carried out in collaboration with YME. This year we limited our numbers of interns due to the high demand on our scientific efficacy. Therefore we chose only those interns who showed through their applications a keen interest in marine science and the possibility of continuing in that field in their future. We were well rewarded with 6 young Bahamians who were helpful, interested and a joy to have around. Thank you to Matthew, Christina, Pernellya, Erin, Teshan and Shaquel.

This year BMMRO received donations towards whale camp from both the Disney Animal Programs and Environmental Initiatives, via Friends of the Environment, and the Abaco Rotary Club. We thank both organisations for their generosity, and especially the Rotary Club for their ongoing participation in helping BMMRO to educate young Bahamians in the wonders of our waters.

July also bought BMMRO a new member to our research centre, Legacy Patterson, though we don't think she'll quite shape up to be a whale poop dog, we welcome her to the team!

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